My approach

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In mathematics and physics learning, it is utmost important to `understand’ the key concepts, not just `memorising’ definitions and equations. In other words, brain focused learning combined with student-oriented teaching is the way forward for academic success, not learning by heart. A good tutor should make sure that students understand `why things are the way they are` for each key subject topic. Then the tutor can start off with simple example questions to reinforce the concepts and boost the confidence level.

Another key ingredient for exam success is practicing past paper questions. It is important to be familiar with the style of examination questions, so that students are prepared both in-terms of the knowledge, and time management. As a learning aid doing past exam papers can reveal lack of knowledge or areas where more work is required.

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Maths is my passion and I do really enjoy teaching mathematics and physics.I have been teaching mathematics in a variety of colleges, for students with all abilities and age ranges over the last 10 plus years. I am a patient and understanding tutor and really enjoy supporting students to achieve their dream grades. Before delivering, I study the student’s knowledge level and use the most effective ways of knowledge transferring to ensure their success. Sound understanding is guaranteed through continuous monitoring of students’ performance and progress.

The testimonials I received from my past students prove that my approach helps each of my student does the very best he or she can.